Petstages Orkakat Wiggle Worm Dental Catnip Cat Chew Toy

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The OrkaKat Wiggle Worm by Petstages is a bright and bouncy cat chew toy made for cats that have an urge to chew. Made from durable food safe rubber with ridges that help massage your kitty's gums as they chew and bite. This little worm is ideal for little mouths and teething kittens but suitable for cats of all ages. Catnip-infused to keep your curious cat engaged and stimulated for multiple rounds of play!

SAFETY AND CARE: Petstages chews are non-edible and are meant for cats only. As with any chew toy, we always recommend monitoring your cat's use and replacing after reasonable wear, no toy is indestructible. Remove if excessive consumption occurs or pieces larger than a piece of rice are chewed off. Know your cat’s chewing habits and teeth strength, your pet’s safety is your responsibility. For additional safety information, please visit our Petstages safety page to review our suggested 10 Cat Chew Commandments.